Wellness Consultations

All first time clients need to complete a thorough intake form detailing past health history, current concerns and wellness goals. The first appointment generally is a thorough evaluation by the Wellness Consultant, whose role it is to understand your current state of health and your wellness goals. Allow 2 hours for the initial appointment. Ideally this is done in person. However, out of town clients can receive a consultation over the phone or via http://www.skype.com

At the end of the appointment you will work with the consultant to tailor the recommendations for your current situation to ensure the recommendations are SMART (Specific and Clear, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely).

One or more wellness treatments and/or classes may be recommended to support your goals and can be done during follow-up appointments. To respect those who prefer more privacy and grace and those from more modest cultures, most treatments are done while the client remains fully clothed. Some treatments require exposure of the local area that is being worked on.

In follow-up appointments, the consultant will ask if you were able to implement the recommendations and what your experience was. Your recommendations may be refined or adjusted based on the consultant’s assessment of your current state of health and any seasonal or situational changes since the previous appointment. Allow 1 hour for follow-up appointments, unless otherwise specified.