The Vision Far

Bridges to Wellness is envisioned to become a fully integrated seamless approach to wellness on all levels that merges the best of the conventional western medical paradigm with the best that ancient wisdom has to offer. Ancient wisdom coming from all true sources, all true paths. The Vision Far is not owned by any one. It is but a glimpse of what will come and it is by no means limited to manifest under any one structure. It is starting to happen all over the world by individuals and groups. May all the islands of effort grow to reach and support each other into a planetary web of dynamic wellness.

The Vision Near

Start with what can be done now. As of now, Bridges To Wellness is the efforts of one soul who stands on the shoulders of many great teachers, healers, and visionaries come before her. Trusting in an inner knowing that it is time to start. The Visionary

The mind is the life of the 5 elements of the body. ~ Kabir

It follows that when the elements of the body are balanced, the mind is balanced. A balanced mind is in itself a Bridge to Wellness. When a person is balanced in mind, body, and spirit, they are situated in their true nature. The mere presence of a person established in their true nature promotes balance in others.