The Vision Far first came to Jiwan Shakti K. Khalsa, PhD. in the early 2000s and has been developing in the background of her life ever since. She is the current operational basis of the Vision Near, which in turn will serve as one of the many bridges needed to get to the Vision Far.

Jiwan Shakti has a diverse background with experiences that bridge the analytical side of the mind with the intuitive free-flowing side. Her earlier drive to understand “why” and to “do and succeed” provided experiences culminating with a PhD in Engineering and more than 15 years experience as an engineering scientist in the Space and Aerospace Industry. Then it was time she learned how to “be”. The early warnings came about the time the Vision Far started coming to her. For several years she tried to deny, avoid, and overwrite the subtle inner knowing that life as she knew it needed to change.

It was only when the challenges to her health became so extensive and her life came to a stand still, that she had to listen. There was no choice; something needed to change … but what? Conventional medicine was unable to provide satisfactory answers or solutions. One wise medical doctor sent her into the realm of what is now commonly called complimentary and alternative medicine. At that time, she was of the opinion that anything other than “conventional, state of the art medicine proven by double blind scientific methods” was not valid. Needless to say she was in for an awakening. She was introduced to the worlds of chiropractic and naturopathic medicine, therapeutic massage, acupuncture and oriental medicine, counseling, yoga, meditation, the yogic healing art called Sat Nam Rasayan, and ayurvedic medicine. The most effective healing for her was a well placed combination of modalities, not a single “cure-all”. More powerful than a double blind method to reach a solution for an average population, is the personal experience of a tailored solution that meets the unique needs of a specific individual.

In her own healing process, she learned to go deeper into “being” and experienced optimal wellness for the first time. Shortly thereafter, she realized that wellness is a process not an accomplishment. It is a state of balance that requires continued effort as life continues to bring new challenges for our growth. This understanding increased her compassion for herself and others. Her healing process transformed her direction into serving others so all may live their own optimal life. With this realization, she was able to more fully understand the Vision Far which kept coming to her. Symbolic of the transformation of regaining her life, she embraced her spiritual name, which signifies her greatest challenge and her greatest gift. Jiwan Shakti can be translated as the “Life Force”. “Khalsa” can be translated as one who is dedicated to living a pure life and serving others.